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Susan Sontag, The Heroism of Vision

I think I enjoyed this chapter the most because it relates a lot to my personal style, or at least what I have found to be my personal style so far in my photographic career.


The idea of taking pictures of beautiful things has obviously occurred to everyone, on the contrary the idea of taking pictures of the ugly and grotesque has perhaps only appealed to the more artistic photographer. Where a beautiful image can be breathtaking and leave you feeling like you actually were there when this image was created, a disturbing image might make more of an impact in your brain; make you think, want to react, or evoke some type of emotional response. Taking pictures of the ugly I feel can be anything from street photography to straight up pictures of garbage and dead animals (Sally Mann, anyone?).

mann11Sally Mann, What Remains

I guess the thing about this chapter that stood out to me as being relative to my own photography was about the abstractions. I feel as though in the photographs I take for myself I don’t find this to be as true, but in relation to my class work I find my pictures to be abstract: close up and dramatic in some way. I liked Sontag’s interpretation of why photographers have gone in the direction of abstraction, she said something along the lines of it being because cameras can so easily capture an exact reality and photographers are looking for a new challenge.

59_Paul Strand, Abstract Patterns Made By Bowls

In this sense, photography is sort of the anti-art because in the past artists (drawers and painters mostly) have always strived to represent reality as accurately as possible. Modern artists like Andy Warhol, and perhaps only him, have bridged that gap a little by incorporating painting and photographs into his art.

marilyn_72dpi_colorAndy Warhol