Monthly Archives: January 2010

Studio Practice

This is my bookmark for the start of spring semester. That was the shortest 5 week break, time seemed to fly by. I could’ve used another 5 weeks at least, my brain is still cramping from last semester.

Anyways, I don’t have a studio-yet. I have considered turning part of my basement at my parents house into a darkroom, and now with my digital experience I would like to also build a digital lab. I would also like a gallery space to hang ‘inspiration’ pieces, and maybe some of my own work (cuz I make art for myself, yanno).

When I do get to build my own studio someday, I will have more than just photography equipment. I have looked into buying a pottery wheel and kiln, would like to do more  printmaking, sculpture, drawing, painting, jewelry making, and everything else on earth I can explore. When I succeed in one medium, I feel more confident and inspired in another.

But considering how I’m graduating college next year, I think my parents would appreciate me leaving their things alone until I get my own space. Until then, I like working on my digital work in the library until they kick me out at 2 am. Someday, I’ll get cs4 for my macbook so I can work even later.

I’ve found that I love the art of 35mm, but I like working in Photoshop even more. I really like to see what I’m doing and have the option of undoing things without causing my blood pressure to skyrocket. One thing about working digitally is that you lose out on the surprises, which can be a good and a bad thing. One picture of my own that comes to mind is the picture of the foxgloves I did during Intro to Photo Summer 2009, which I posted earlier in my blog. You do lose out on the magic of the darkroom, but I also might live a little longer if I stick (mostly) to digital.