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Foxgloves #2, 2010

Mi Casa, 2010

Feet, 2010

Hand, 2010

Swan, 2010

Swan II, 2010


Anthony Giocolea

Anthony Giocolea, Tree Dwellers, 2005

Light and Lens, 1

Considering the collage project at hand, I focused more on the parts of the book that I felt pertained to the assignment. My brain is definitely churning again, it’s been a while since I’ve been challenged creatively. Man Ray offered some insight into creating images, “perhaps the first goal desired by the artist is a confusion of merging all the arts as things merge in real life.” For the collage assignment, we will be merging found images and text. Plato’s three wishes for every person would make for an interesting triptych: “To be healthy, To be rich by honest means, and To be beautiful.” The fact that the images we are making will be displayed side by side is something to consider, and is a point that came up in the reading. One image can modify the meaning of the image next to it.¬†Also the concept of how the use of color or black and white and how they affect the emotional outcome of the image is a direct correlation to this project, but an idea I hadn’t yet considered. Scale is also something I hadn’t thought about until this reading, but is obviously something much easier to dictate in collage than with straight photos. This reminds me of Alice in Wonderland changing sizes, and the little biscuits and bottles of liquid.

Previsualization as defined by Weston is something I have always struggled with, in photography and other arts. Particularly in drawing, I have never been able to draw out of my head. I always need visuals. The idea of appropriation is familiar to me, however I have never done it literally.

This book includes some interesting imagery, I pulled out my two faves. I especially like Cara Lee Wade’s, it is very inspiring for the collage project.

The Lie that Leads to Truth, Cara Lee Wade 2004

The idea of miniatures is interesting, going along with the Alice in Wonderland theme from above, I might have to start hunting for an old dollhouse and little furniture.

Drinking, Catherine Chalmers 2000