Stephanie Robbins

Stephanie Robbins visited our class a few weeks ago and spoke about her work and the work of her students. She stands out from most photographers because she focuses on the presentation on her work, which consist of installations and audio recordings. Because Robbins is interested in creating more to the experience of viewing photographs, she developed a class at Shepherd University where she teaches  called “Extended Image” where she encourages students to think outside the traditional “white mat, black frame.” The class also hosts a one-night-only exhibit in some abandoned building in the city at the conclusion of each semester.

This is a link to the piece of hers I found to be most impactful:

It was a very interesting lecture, and it has definitely made me consider new ways in which to present my images and concepts. I have considered installations before, but I have never thought of incorporating audio to supplement the images. This idea might actually make the transportation of concepts easier.  I liked how she approached strangers and used their stories because everyone reacts differently to an image depending on their own personal history. Incorporating audio or creating an installation is something I might consider doing for an independent study in the future.


This is the link to her personal website, but more information about the course she created can be found on the Shepherd University webpage.


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