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Bunker, 2011

Diagonal Tree, 2011

Leaning Rock, 2011

Reeds, 2011

Rocks, 2011

Driftwood, 2011

Purple Beach, 2011

Red Beach, 2011

View from Bridge, 2011

Long Shadows, 2011


These are the (more) finalized versions that I plan to print.



Polarized Landscapes

This last one is just a long night exposure:

Infrared Landscapes

Today I went to the coast to shoot, the light was great all day. I used my polarizing filter and my infrared filter for the first time. I’m not sure if evergreen trees reflect much infrared light because they just look normal, but mostly I wanted to see if the infrared filter would act as a long exposure filter for the water to make it look smooth-which I think it did.

Here are some drafts:

Infrared Self Portraits

Only mildly edited because I’m still trying to figure out how to do this…but here are the drafts:



These were all self timer, 30 sec-ish exposures at full sun noon today.

Self Portrait

Self as Geisha, 2011


Interesting Light – Indoors

Empty Nest, 2011

Night Light, 2011

Interesting Light – Portraits


Fish, 2011

Ryan, 2011

Ryan at Work, 2011

After Shower, 2011

Shower, 2011


Self, Dark, 2011

Ry, 2011