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Final Project, Part II

My idea for the final project was to do recreations of master paintings putting a modern twist on them. I recreated the Birth of Venus by Botticelli, Los Dos Frida’s by Frida Kahlo, A Marat by David, Red Kerchief by Monet, and Girl with the Pearl Earring by Vermeer. I then was inspired to create a photo collage portrait in the cubist style of Pablo Picasso and a Warhol type composition similar to that of Marilyn Monroe (but without the color distortions, my photoshop skills aren’t at that level yet and I didn’t want it to be too literal).

Final Project

Warhol, 2009

Cubism, 2009

The Red Coat, 2009

La Mort de Briana, 2009

Girl with the Pearl Earring, 2009

Las Dos Brianas, 2009

Birth of Venus, 2009

Susan Sontag, A Brief Anthology of Quotations

Lewis Hine, Powerhouse Mechanic and Steam Pump, 1920

“If I could tell the story in words, I wouldn’t need to lug a camera.” -Lewis Hine

Jerry N Uelsmann, Untitled, 1992

“The camera is a fluid way of encountering that other reality.” -Jerry N Uelsmann

Minor White, Barn and Clouds, 1955

“I’m always mentally photographing everything as practice.” -Minor White

Out of the chapter, these were my favorite quotes. They are simple and concise, about why they take photographs, what photography is as an art form, and what being a photographer entails. These three quotes stood out to me because in some way I can relate to them. I also found the “Fields of Photography” definition to be very interesting. I’m not convinced this was the best way to end the book, I think I would have preferred to read all of these quotes at the beginning, but I suppose that’s not important.

Overall I enjoyed Sontag’s book. I found it to be a good resource for this class in terms of not only adding a higher intellectual level but by expanding my mind and drawing some kind of relationship from these readings to our assignments. I have also found it to be helpful in familiarizing myself with the names of famous photographers and doing the blogs has helped me become familiar with some of their photographs as I have tried to use the ones referenced in the readings in my blog. I’m glad I spent the $5 on Amazon and purchased my own copy so that I can keep it!

Photo Collage, Conscience

Susan Sontag, The Image World

In terms of ‘modern art,’ photography is right up at the top with the latest technological advances in the field of artestry. Our generation accepts photography as an art form, unlike generations from the past that had to fight for this acceptance. People used to consider photography to be a mechanical replication of reality, Sontag describes photographs in terms of being created by “light waves reflected by objects.” I also liked how she said that photography is addicting, because is seems as if everyone takes pictures these days and I think this fact has taken away from the artistic approach. Kind of the “when everyone’s special, no one is” thing of photography. People take pictures of their friends, families, kids, dogs, flowers, vacations, selves. It’s become overwhelming, and frankly who cares about these pictures? So I guess as artists, it is our job to take off-beat photos and stop people in their tracks. Hello egg project, hello photo collage. I’m rambling, bear with me.

“A photograph is not only an image, an interpretation of the real, it is also a trace, something directly stenciled off the real, like a footprint of a death mask.” The history channel recently did a documentary about death masks, which is essentially a plaster (or some other material) mold made from a face. They focused on Abe Lincoln’s death masks and how these masks have helped historians document Lincoln’s significant ageing while in office, leading to the discovery that he had some sort of rapidly deteriorating illness (I forget exactly what they said he had, or what they thought he had).  I believe photography is more than art, that photographs are documents, and that in the future they will be beneficial in the same way as death masks have been and I found it interesting that Sontag made this connection.

Photography has a certain appeal to it that, in my opinion, few other art forms have. “Our irrepressible feeling that the photographic process is something magical has a genuine basis.” Photography may be appealing because it is seemingly magical; that with the click of a button an entire scene is easily captured. It may also be because every individual photograph is different, is personal, captures an intimate event, or gives the illusion of posession of a cherished person or thing. In reality, a photograph is a piece of light sensitive paper exposed to the light filtered through a light sensitive piece of plastic someone fed into a machine and exposed to some environment. Photography is an illusion, same as any painting or drawing. This will be especially interesting for our upcoming project, The Indecisive Moment, because there will be no actual event or environment, it will all be fabricated and essentially an illusion inside of an illusion. On the other hand, Sontag says that “photographs are a way of imprisoning reality…of making it stand still.” This is also true of drawings and paintings, except that a photograph is literally taken in an instant where as it takes hours to do a painting/drawing so perhaps light or objects/figures have shifted slightly.

One thing is true about photography ONLY: photographs are exact.


Ideas for Photo Collage

mirrorI think this is my best idea, and after doing a number of different drawings I think I can make this into a series. Here, I would like to photograph the bathroom empty, and then photograph my friend Kasey getting ready (brushing teeth, washing hands, makeup, etc) in front of the mirror, but photoshop her actual body out so that it all you can see is her reflections. The other images I think I can make from this one include a shot in our room (including her sleeping, studying, etc) but this one was a little too complicated to draw.


This one would be a little more surreal, of Kasey’s silhouette in front of our huge window, and then I would photoshop in a picture I took this weekend from the Boston Aquarium of jellyfish.


This image would be of Kasey looking out of the french doors at herself outside.


This one is from a painting I saw in a downtown Portsmouth gallery, kind of a play on words of a common phrase. This could also become a series of different word play images.


And last but not least, this is a reproduction of a painting by Max Klinger called the Judgement of Paris. I always thought this would make an interesting photograph and was considering using the composition for my final project, but it seems to fit the parameters of this project as well. It is a mythological scene, I would make it more modern and was thinking about using Kasey again for it having her pose as all the figures. So instead of it being the Judgement of Paris, it would be the Judgement of Kasey (Kasey being judgemental/critical of herself).